50’s style apron

Well I awoke this morning, sat up in bed and said to my dozing husband “it’s half term and I have not done any sewing since Christmas, I am going to make an apron”! Without giving the hubby chance to show little enthusiasm, I jumped out of bed and began rummaging through my material stash. I needed something kitsch and 50’s looking. I remembered I had bought some floral fabric from Ikea last summer and then I found this:


After a few measurements, ironing, cutting, sorting out the children’s room, sewing, sorting out our friendly carpenter who was working on a project to make our children’s beds taller, sewing, making a shopping list for my husband who was picking up a few ingredients for dinner party (see blog for cake recipe), sewing a bit more, hoovering the carpet after the messy carpenter, sewing the final stitches (breath) I finally made this:


I would like to add a couple of pockets when I have time, but overall I am pleased with my creation. No pattern required, just some pretty fabric and an ability to multitask!

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